Surgical Care

We offer surgical consultations, corrections and management of ailments pertaining to
> Orthopedic (bones, tendons & ligaments with external / internal fixation, splints, bone plating, amputations, physiotherapy etc.)
> Soft tissues (gastointestinal, integumentary, urinary systems)
> Opthalmic (eye- corneal ulcers, enucleation, tarsoraphy etc.)
> Dental (Teeth- scaling, tooth removal, dental records, prophylaxis etc.)

Limb deformity in a Great Dane pup

Soft Tissue Surgery
Top left: Mango kernel removed from a dog. Top right : Pancreatic adenocarcinoma Bottom : Foreign body induced peritonitis



•Owners can opt for anyone of the following methods of anesthesia
>Total intravenous anesthesia
> Isoflourane inhalant anethesia (* recommended)
> Sedation with local anesthesia (where deemed permissible by the veterinarian)

•We hope to introduce automated multiparameter monitoring for your pet during all anesthetic/ surgical procedures in the near future. (Currently this is managed manually)
Total Intravenous Anesthesia