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If you crave for an animal's love, yet cannot have a pet, please remember that there is an animal waiting for your attention. Your position of a passive adopter gives many a senior and special-needs animals a chance. Older animals may not get the amount of attention that the younger more attractive animals do. Your choosing them to adopt proves to us that all animals, no matter what they look like, have shining personalities that deserves the best for the last few years of their life.

If you would like to donate in cash, here's what you can do:
  • Sponsor the salary of any of the employers Rs. 2000- Rs.10,000 per month.
  • Sponsor any of the Life Saving Drugs at the KVAVSU-CUPA Veterinary Hospital & Shelter. Mail us at for details.
  • Sponsor the activities of the Animal Welfare Inspector who handles the cases of cruelty against abused animals in Bangalore.
  • Sponsor other items like Rice, Ragi, bread, Milk and fruits (for monkeys) .
  • You can contribute towards helping an injured animal in distress by donating a monthly amount to help run the Ambulance. This amount will pay for the fuel, maintenance and salary of the Ambulance Drivers and Attenders.
  • Donate towards Legal expenses incurred by CUPA.


CUPA Shelter with state of the art facilities for animal care...sponsor

1)Towards Medical surgical equipments:

2) Grooming facilities for dogs especially with skin aliments
Grooming equipments and articles:
Rs 5000/-

3) Overloaded bullock carts and large animals with sores and injuries are regularly treated through large Animal Health Camps
Camps in Urban areas:Rs.3000/-per camp
Camps in Rural areas : RS.8000/- per camp

4) Monkey kept in laboratories in institutions in small cages for 20years. 12 of such monkeys have been housed in large primate facility at the Wildlife Center at Bannerghatta. The facility is to have runs and other additional features for the monkeys
Rs.50000/-for holding for primates

CUPA-US is a non-profit organization {501(c)(3)} registered in the State of Texas, USA
Tax-ID # 27-0031243

For donations from the USA, please contact
Dr. Sudeshna Baksi-Lahiri
14612 Vintage Lane,
Addison, TX 75001


The Crystal Rogers Animal Welfare Trust supports CUPA in Bangalore, India
Charity Reg. No.1083053

For donations from the UK, please contact
Mrs. Rosemary Poole
6 St. James Villas,
Winchester, S023 9SN
Telephone from the UK: 01962 852393.


In India, CUPA-Bangalore, is registered to accept foreign contributions vide FCRA Reg. No. 094420702.

You can make a donation to CUPA and avail of exemption from Income Tax u/s 80G.
CUPA accepts foreign contributions vide FCRA Reg. No. 094420702..