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Shelter Wish List


Shelter Wish list

 Here is a list of items which are very welcome

  • Old Newspapers - to keep pups & kittens warm at night
  • Old Clothes - To mop up dirt and clean cages
  • Cleaning Equipment like swabbing clothes, floor mops and brooms
  • Soaps, Phenyl and Detergents
  • Towels to dry the Shelter animals after a bath
  • Large and small cooking utensils
  • Old and discarded soft toys which make excellent play things for pups and kittens
  • Collars & Chains and Bowls to feed the animals of all sizes
  • Buckets & Mugs
  • Plastic Baskets and Crates for small animals to sleep in.

    ->  dry cat food

    ->  dry dog food

    ->  Grass for cows and horses

    ->  Vegetables, fruits for rabbits and monkeys

    ->  Dry bird feeds

    ->  clean old towels or rags, or foot rugs, or anything we can use to line their plastic pans that the kitties use as "cat beds" (they all huddle & crowd in these "cat beds" at night )

    ->  for the doggies, nylon flat collars & leashes (even just the inexpensive ones)

    ->  feeding bottles for unweaned kittens

    ->  milk for unweaned kittens: COSI or AL 110 or any lactose-free infant milk

    ->  detergent powder

    ->  Disposable gloves

    ->  Dishwashing paste or liquid (kitty & doggie bowls need constant cleaning too!)

    ->  old newspapers

    ->  Cardboard boxes.

    ->  printer cartridges

    ->  phenol for cleaning kennel areas

    ->  rubber or fiber  toys

    ->  Sack of rice

    ->  Salt packets

    ->  Kitty collars

    ->  Litter boxes

    ->  Old towels

    ->  Kennel cabs / pet carriers

    ->  Office supplies: markers, pens, scissors, short brown envelopes, stapler pins, long folders

    ->  Energy-saving light bulbs (white/daylight)

    ->  Detergent powder / disinfectants

    Secondhand items

    ->  electric fan

    ->  Rechargeable lamps, torch.

    ->  Refrigerator

    ->  Cupboards.

    ->   Bowls