KVAFSU – CUPA Animal Shelter

At any given point, one finds at least 200 stray and abandoned animals housed at this facility. However, veterinary and ambulances services cease after 11 pm. Dogs, cats, injured birds, calves and ponies are regularly treated at this center, averaging 360 stray animals per month, patients often staying for 3-4 weeks or more, if necessary.
X-Ray Facility at Shelter
Located on a little over an acre of land, the CUPA shelter is located on the Veterinary College premises, as an annexure to their facility. The KVAFSU- CUPA Veterinary Hospital and Shelter is one of the most active facilities in the country for homeless animals. It has a well equipped veterinary hospital and the shelter, with its range of myriad activities and programmes for animals. Over 5000 animals and more are treated annually and as part of the out-reach initiatives in rural and urban areas. The ambience of the Hospital is very animal friendly and the staff is trained to handle animals in a gentle manner.

Out-Patient & In-Patient Cases

Limited out-patient facilities for stray animals are provided at the CUPA shelter. This service is functional only from 9.30 pm to 11 pm. Before 9.30 pm, animals with guardians are directed to the Veterinary College Hospital. Despite the fact that CUPA accepts Emergency OPD or direct in-patient cases of pet animals only after 9.30 pm (since the Veterinary College Clinic operates from 8.30 am to 9.30 pm on all days ), the number of cases of stray, abandoned and pet animals are on the increase.

The CUPA Hospital has the following services available for all animals:

  • An X-Ray facility

  • Laboratory service for effective and quick diagnosis

  • In-patient facility for animals with serious conditions

  • Adoption for abandoned dogs, cats, pups and kittens

  • Well – equipped operation theatre and surgery unit for sterilisation & immunisation of dogs and cats

  • Boarding facilities for dogs and cats

  • Treatment kennels for canine patients

  • Holding space for treatment and care of large animals like bulls, cows ponies, calves etc.


Crystal's Cattery in the CUPA Shelter and Hospital – a housing and holding facility for cats in Bangalore – is unique in design, very cat friendly and popular with cat owners in the city and outside.

Night Services at the CUPA Clinic

CUPA Shelter was the first institution in Bangalore to initiate the Night Animal Emergency Clinic in 1999. Well received by grateful pet owners whose animals suffered some medical crisis after 11:00 PM, the veterinarians at the Night Clinic have saved many lives of stray and pet animals. Often advice and critical medical information over the telephone has also helped to save a loved pet. Today, the same service operates from the CUPA Animal Welfare Clinic on Devegowda Road. The veterinary and ambulance service at the Hebbal Veterinary College Campus on Bellary Road is open to the public only till 11 pm. Thereafter, the members of the public are expected to bring the animal to the clinic and if stray or abandoned, the case is transferred to the Shelter the next day.

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