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CUPA’s very first Adoption Day event: a huge success

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, 2nd Oct 2009, CUPA held its very first Adoption event, based on the slogan: "Adopt for love-Adopt for life: Adoption is the best option." Not in the wildest dreams could one have imagined what a huge success CUPA's first Adoption Day would become!

When CUPA opened the doors of its animal shelter in Hebbal on the morning of 2nd Oct 09, one could have thought it to be at an IPL cricket match.... such was the rush of people trying to shove their way through the entry. At one point, the influx was so immense that CUPA, fearing for the security of the visitors & the animals, had to close its doors. Later, once the rush ebbed away, the doors were opened again for everybody interested to attend the Adoption event.

Inside, the shelter resembled a buzzing beehive: celebrities like the young & beautiful actress Aindrita Ray, the young Karnataka Premier League (KPL) cricket players Sudhindra Shinde, Deepak Chougule, Vinay Uthappa, R.Shanbal and Mithun Beerala brought glamour & welcome publicity to the Adoption Day. The presence of the local News 9 and Udaya TV and some newspapers guaranteed that CUPA's campaign would get the media coverage it was hoping for.

Besides, there were obviously excited animal lovers looking eagerly for a suitable pet to adopt and then there were the curious ones who just wanted to stroll around, get information and/or have a look at the shelter and its inmates. Many visitors stopped by at the CUPA stand where posters prints, T-shirts, caps and other interesting goodies were offered.

Amidst the human crowd, were the permanent residents of the shelter - Button, Charlie, Michael, Blacky, Fullstop and all the other fellow companions! Some looked a bit confused & indignant about all the fuss that was going on in THEIR shelter. But most of the dogs got infected by the joyful atmosphere, racing around all over the place, being happy to find all of a sudden so many play mates, trying to get as much pats & cuddles as possible… and obviously treats too!

The entire CUPA team together with a bunch of volunteers had their hands full trying to help people getting the necessary adoption & vaccination documents ready, answering general and/or specific queries trying to look after everybody who made the effort to come to the shelter on that occasion.

Following its strict adoption principles, whatever animal people would have adopted, be it a dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit and/or guinea pig, did not leave the shelter without having registered with CUPA. This procedure ensures CUPA to know where all its animals are & to organize follow-up visits to the various new pet owners.

The impressive accounts were as follows: 53 pups /19 kittens / 7 adult dogs were adopted by good homes and 95% are doing fine, after 10 days.

Every one agreed that the success of it was encouragement and incentive enough to take it up as a regular event in CUPA's calendar!

CUPA welcomes you for its adoption day 2nd Oct 2009
Here they come... CUPA's stars
CUPA's adoption day I 2nd Oct 2009
Sooty's departure from CUPA 2nd Oct 2009

We , at CUPA, are organizing a pet adoption day on 2nd October 2009 at the KVAFSU-CUPA Animal Shelter in Hebbal

Love comes in all shapes and sizes...and love definitely cannot be bought, but can be adopted!!.........How?? Find out by visiting CUPA Shelter on Oct ,2nd 2009 - PET ADOPTION DAY - we take Gandhi Jayanthi as an opportunity to share and celebrate the everlasting bonds between animals and humans.

We have puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, calves, cows for adoption on 2nd October 2009.

Spread the word amongst your friends and families, who are looking for pets to adopt to come to CUPA shelter on this day.

Venue :
KVAFSU-CUPA Animal Shelter
Veterinary College Campus,
Bangalore - 560 024

Tel: 9845366209, 080-22947300 / 22947301 / 22947307
Fax: 91-080-22293771

Timings : 10:00 - 17:00

You can visit their profiles in CUPA's blog help us to spread the word about these wonderful animals who need loving families to adopt them.


On September 2nd, all the trustees, management committee members and staff of CUPA gathered to observe a few moments of silence followed by prayers in memory of Dan Ginsburg (1956 - 2009) the Chief Patron of CUPA, who passed away on the 11th August, 2009, due to pancreatic cancer. The entire staff, management and volunteers of CUPA sent their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dan Ginsburg. If it had not been for the large donation the "Sparrow's Song Foundation" had made 9 years ago, we would not have been able to help the millions of animals that have entered the gates of CUPA over the past decade. To honour his memory, the shelter animal spaces will carry his name, as he had the deepest concern and affection for stray animals.

The prayer meeting was held in the conference hall; Mrs Sandhya Madhappa (trustee and a close friend of Dan's) said a few words, followed by lighting of the lamp and prayers. To recall a few words of comfort by our member - "God calls the good ones early so that he could turn them into angels and they took care of their loved ones from above". All I can say is that we at CUPA our blessed to have our very own angel, our Chief Patron Dan Ginsburg.

Lighting the lamp in Dan's
Mrs Sandhya Madhappa (trustee and a close friend of Dan’s) said a few words followed by a prayer


Ganesh Chaturthi at CUPA Shelter

 Chaturthi is an annual celebration at the CUPA Shelter, which helps to bond the shelter workers, volunteers, members and trustees. This year, too, it was celebrated in August at the CUPA Shelter amongst much festivity and prayers.
Mr Ram Prakash, establishment Manager was appointed the head priest and he presided over all the ceremonies along with chanting the prayers with much dedication and devotion. The statue of Lord Ganesha , colourful and intricately carved, had been selected by the shelter attendars with help from Mr Santosh (member, Management Committee).
Prayers were conducted daily till the 'Veesarjan' or consecration in water took place, followed by a delicious vegetarian meal cooked and served by the Shelter boys namely Anand, Babu and Ramu with assistance from Shalini(member, Managing Committee).

(from left) Shalini (member - Mancom),Sandhya(Trustee) with staff from the Reception, Accounts and Housekeeping sections
(from right) Mr.Ramprakash(Manager) with the CUPA shelter attendars.


  CUPA :Compassion Unlimited Plus Action

for this once we strike a different deal on the golf course... reach out your hand .. care for our animals!
Come join us... with swing & a tee over the fairways and the bunkers with the putter on the green to birdie or an eagle ...and join us for lunch at the KGA.

CUPA Charity Golf Tournament in association with KGA Bangalore
The Venue: Karnataka Golf Association
When: Saturday May 16, 2009 at 7am
Registration fee: Rs 3000 per head

CUPA was founded 18 years ago and today is involved in:
  • Sheltering & rehabilitation of stray, sick or injured animals.
  • Rescue of animals in cruelty or abandoned cases.
  • Coducting Animal Birth Control(ABC) programme, large animal camps, human awareness and canine therapy programmes
  • Engaging in animal advocacy
  • Providing services for animals in distress

We are supporting the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre(WRRC) at the Bannerghatta Rehabilitation Centre for rescue for small wild mammals, birds & reptiles.
CUPA is also in the process of constructing a shelter (at Kengeri) for large abondoned animals.
To learn more about us visit

Support us by playing for the cause. For further details please contact,

Sandhya Madappa at or +91 9886027276

  On 31st May, CUPA is participating at the SUNFEAST 10K marathon in Bangalore. It is the second edition of the event, 2008 being a huge success. With Managing Committee members Sonia Sarathy initiating support and offering to be a Care Champion and and R. Santosh rallying supporters and volunteers for the cause, we now look to animal lovers to make a successful run for CUPA and animals. Please check Sonya?a link on the Sunfeast run at  

A special fun - filled event for the entire family and children of all ages, held 2 years ago in Nov' 2006, had the citizens of Bangalore cry out for more, hence we are organizing

Doggy's Day Out '2' - A Special Dog Show

It will be held on Saturday, 12th July 2008 at the Sullivan Police Grounds, Magrath and Commissariat Road, Opposite Garuda Mall, Bangalore from 10:00 a.m. onwards.The event includes pedigree dogs as well as non- pedigree dogs - a memorable day out with your family , friends AND YOUR PET DOG.

We look forward to your SPONSORSHIP towards the success of this event.
For further details, you can contact Mr. Santosh at


"Don't shoot! We have already caught the wolf" shouts Peter to the hunters. What next, is the question?

Keeping children's' attention span in mind, dialogue to a minimum, and combining music, mime, dance and acrobatics, this 40 - 45 minute theatrical production of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf will keep young audiences fascinated as it tells the story of a Peter's adventures when a hungry grey wolf comes out of the forest.

Directed by Gaia-ACTS UP, supported by The Bangalore School of Music, ( performed by the Children of Christel House India ( and Docteur Clown (, the evening of 21st Nov promises to be special treat for young children who enjoy the simple pleasures of animated live theater.

Donor passes of Rs. 200 are available at several outlets (see attachment) and all proceeds go into supporting CUPA and WRRC - the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. (
(One of the scenes in the play depicts hunters carrying guns and a duck being eaten by the wolf, so parental guidance/preparation for very young children is recommended)