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Benefits in Microchipping for Pets

There are many benefits in microchipping for pets.

Microchips help identify your pet. If your pet is lost and ends up at an animal shelter, they will know whose pet it is.

It is a permanent method of identification. The microchip will stay with your pet for life.

Identification information can be easily updated. As the information is kept on a database, it is a simple matter to update your details whenever you move or your number changes.

There is less chance that someone will steal your pet. As a microchip is a permanent record that that dog belongs to you, there is less likelihood that someone will be able to get away with stealing it.

There is less chance that you will lose your pet. When a pet has a microchip, it increases the chances of your pet being returned.

You will know if your animal is dying or injured. Unfortunately, some animals do get injured and died. When a vet or the council comes to retrieve or treat the pet, they will check the microchip and inform you of what has happened.

It is fairly painless for your pet. The microchip is very small and is injected with a needle. It feels about the same as a vaccination.

It cannot be removed. ID tags can be removed and even tattoos can become illegible over time, but a microchip is a permanent method of identification.

Pet or dog microchip cost is relatively cheap. Most places offer low-cost microchipping. When you consider that this microchip stays with your dog for life, it is a very inexpensive method of identification.

It saves time. If your pet runs away, you will not need to spend as much time looking for them, posting up advertisements and visiting animal shelters.

It may save your pet’s life. If a pet ends up at an animal shelter, it will stay there for a certain period of time before it has to be put down. However, if your pet has a microchip, then the contact details will be retrieved and your pet will be returned.

In some places, you are required by law to register your pets.

How Long Does the Microchip Last?

A microchip is a permanent method of identification. It stays with your pet for life. As details are updated, your pet will always have the current contact details on hand (providing you update them with the registry).


Nobody wants to lose a pet. Pets become part of the family and when they disappear it can be very upsetting. Microchips for pets will not stop your pet running away, and it may not completely remove the possibility that they will disappear, but they definitely increase the chances that you will have your pet returned. Everyone with a dog or cat should at least consider the possibility of a pet microchip. One simple, inexpensive procedure could prevent you losing your pet – and may even save its life.