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Large Animal Camps

Large Animal Programme


The Large Animal Programme is supported by donors and sponsors who enable us to continue helping large animals in urban and rural areas of the city and outskirts. 


CUPA continues to hold free health camps for large animals whenever there is a request from any village or cart associations and regularly works with the load bearing animals of Bangalore City, namely the bullocks and the ponies. Due to consistent monitoring of load sizes accompanied by free medications and medical advice, awareness has greatly increased. For the year 2010, we completed close to 24 large animal camps, approximately two per month, in a rural and urban area.


Donors and sponsors interested in helping large animals who have no access to veterinary care, are requested to contact CUPA in the feedback form provided in the "contact us" section of the website . Alternatively CUPA can be contacted directly through phone or mail.

Varadanaikanahalli Camp

The rural camp conducted in September 2010 , at Varadanaikanahalli, Nelamangala Taluk, was a great success.

356 sheep were dewormed, 54 dogs were given ARV injections and vaccination cards were given to 22 owners.

46 cows were treated for gynaecological dis orders and 24 hormonal injections were given.

103 cows which included a few bullocks were treated for general ailments with all cattle being dewormed and given mineral mixture.

Large animals camp at Mahadevapura  in Nelamangala taluk.

Mahadevapura is a village in Nelamangala taluk about 40 Kms from Bangalore.

On 22nd Dec 2010 a camp was conducted wherein the cattle from adjoining 5 villages had congregated.  The camp was funded by CUPA. The Nelamangala taluk Animal Husbandry Veterinarians conducted the treatment.

Animals treated.

102 cows, 3 buffaloes.
153 sheep and 78 goats were dewormed.
12 dogs were administered ARV injections.

Mahadevapura has been divided because of the national highway 48 cutting through it.  The highway has reduced the grazing land for the cattle.  Rapid urbanization is taking place.  Some of the coconut groves are getting converted into residential sites, because of the proximity to the highway.
The closest Vet hospital is about 5kms away.  The cattle are highly malnutritioned.  The local residents are economically challenged.  Now with rapid urbanisation the death knell is sounding for the simple farming community of rural Karnataka.

Malnutritioned cows with gynaecological problems were given vitamin injections, mineral mixture.  All the animals were dewormed.  The eye infection is on rise because of dust and pollution from the highway. In the name of infrastructure, both animals and human suffer...

CUPA tries it's best to identify such communities and support them with veterinary and counselling help.