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Cruelty Cases


Cruelty Cases Handled

Cases of cruelties inflicted on pet and stray dogs and other animals has been the area of much concern for the organization. Cases have been attended at many far-flung areas, as well as in the central residential districts. A majority of the cases require counseling and education of erring and often ignorant guardians about pet care. CUPA puts in tremendous effort to bring about a change in human awareness and perception of an animal’s physical and emotional needs. To contact us on any cruelty being inflicted on animals, please use the Contact Us link to send us your message. It may help to browse through the section on Animal Laws, to be better informed in the field.  

Animal Welfare Inspectors

CUPA’s Animal Welfare Inspector checks on over-loaded cases of bullock & jutka carts & deal with cases of cruelties inflicted on animals. Though he does not have police powers, he is authorized to work with the local police personnel and take their assistance for confiscation or booking a case.

Awareness and Education

Humane Awareness programmes are regularly carried out in Institutes, colleges and local schools.